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Professional charts, broker controls and multiple replay speeds.

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Simplicity combined with functionality.

TradingView Charts

Practice using the best and fastest growing technical charting tool on the market.

Realistic broker controls

Open positions/orders and set stops/limits as you would with your broker.

Mulitple replay speeds

Practice a full month of trading in just a single day with real market data.

Real market data

Trade the top 25 globally traded currency pairs like GBP/USD, USD/JPY…


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Frequently asked questions

Why is spreadjunction free?

We are just getting started so accounts will be free during our initial launch period. In the future we will be looking to charge $10-$20/m to make up the cost of building, maintaining and improving the app.

Are you planning non-forex markets?

It’s something we’re testing however forex is our main focus at the moment.

Why did you build SpreadJunction?

Mainly because nobody else had built a good trading simulator. All of the tools we’ve seen fall way short of being fully functional replay tools that properly simulate real market trading.